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How to get a pet sock designed with us!
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How to get a pet sock designed with us!

Our pet sock order page is currently under construction, but have no fear!  You can still order pet socks with us and this blog is to tell you how in three quick steps!

Step One:

Send us an email to with your design request.

Step Two:

Upload your pet(s) photos to our email.

A few photo tips:

1. Make sure your photo is not blurry or essential parts of the pet's face is not cut off.

2. Make sure your photo is taken with good lighting.  If it is dark in the photo, it will be dark on the sock.

3. Make sure you send a .jpg or .png photo so we can edit it properly in our design software.

Step Three:

Indicate any special design requests. We print onto a back heel/toe unisex crew white sock.  We can print any color background or pattern.  Any detail you can give us helps us in the design process. 

We also like to add little special touches like paws, bones and little mice into the design. If there are favorite elements you'd like us to incorporate into the design, let us know.  For example, one client wanted strips of bacon added in their pet design or another wanted a hockey theme.  The more details you give us the better we can design your special pet socks.  We also like adding your furry loved one's name onto the sock.  It adds a very special element. 

The rest is easy!  We design you a few options and send you some mock up's to choose from. Here's an example of a design template we would send to you:

And finally, why do we do what we do?  Well, we are pet lovers and we want to share that love with you.  Our design team cares for each design as they would if they were designing a pair for themselves.  We want to represent your love of your pet(s) on our don't hesitate to ask for special requests! 

Here is our little designer working hard and providing feedback on the design:

Pet Sock Design Team

In pets we unite!  With Love,

The SockBar Team

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