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National Sock Day - December 4, 2016 - CONTEST!
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National Sock Day - December 4, 2016 - CONTEST!

WTF!  Did you know that on December 4 it is National Sock Day?  This day is dedicated to recognizing the marriage of matched socks!  I mean let’s be real, it is a day to celebrate when you throw this article of clothing pretty much everywhere and for the most part they manage to keep finding each other!

The founders of National Sock Day wanted to promote the sock couples who remain together…whether it is from animal magnetism (static cling) or chemistry (something in the detergent), National Sock Day is dedicated to highlighting even the tiny baby socks who manage to stay together.

So naturally, The Sock Bar wants to jump on this band wagon and celebrate it too!  I mean, we have some pretty fucking cool pairs of socks for people to sass up their wardrobe, make a socking statement and raise a few eye brows from time to time!  Why not celebrate National Sock Day with the purchase of a necessary staple in your closet that has the ability to transform your outfit from the everyday ho hum to ka pow, zing zap!  This fashion forward statement for your feet only costs you between $11 - $15 bucks and we ship these bad boys for free!  Not bad for an accessory that will be sure to start a conversation for whomever sees them!  Can your necklace or t-shirt do that? 

We also thought it was a good time to kick off our first give-away!  So buckle up and read carefully for your chance to win some socks of your very own!!!


• Please Read Rules Below•

Christmas is the time for giving, so let's see who you think deserves a socking stuffer! Nominate someone who you think deserves sock therapy during this busy holiday season! We are offering a FREE pair of Blue Q socks (of your choice) to the lucky winner AND a nominee! 

To qualify you MUST do the following on our Facebook page:

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Tag Your Nominee in the Comments

Nominee must also Like our Page

Our page must reach 250 likes before the draw is made!  The winner must complete all these steps to be entered into the draw. Multiple entries will be accepted if you nominate & tag more than one friend and they like our page.  Valid as one entry per nominee who complete the steps above.  One winner and one nominee will be drawn, but the more friends you get to like our page, the more times you are entered in the draw!  Isn't that snazzy!  Winner will be announced on our Facebook page. So what are you waiting for, celebrate and win with The Sock Bar and National Sock Day!

Get out there and make a socking statement!


Your Sock Bar Family!

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