10 reasons to wear socks in summer

Well as the weather warms up, we know you may be inclined to start wearing sandals & flip flops.  That means for most of us, less socks.  Gasp!...we implore you now! You will run the risk of missing out on some high fashion fun from The Sock Bar if you do that.  Our socks are so much fun with a little bit of in your face sass, that you will want to wear them all year round!  Here are 10 reasons why you should wear socks in summer:

1.  The Sock Bar socks are frickin' cool.  They are a fashion accessory that should not be ignored in those warmer months.  Have fun with it this summer!

2.  The Sock Bar socks will attract all the right attention.  We say wear them with your shorts or skirts and watch people come up to you and start a conversation with you.  From cool patterns to some sassy sayings about life and work, your socks will be all anyone talks about.

3.  The Sock Bar socks will protect those lovely feet from any blisters, funky tan lines and dry soles.

4.  The Sock Bar socks will prevent a funky smell that normally creeps up in the summer sweaty foot months.

5.  The Sock Bar socks will protect your feet when hiking, camping, boating or any other activity you might get up to this summer.

6.  The Sock Bar socks has so many styles and colors to choose from so you don't have to wear the dreaded white tube sock with shoes.

7. The Sock Bar socks are also practical by design.  They will keep your feet warm when the sun goes down.  In style, of course!

8.  Ladies, socks with sandals is all the rage this season!  Rock our cute ankle socks with a heel or go a bit bolder with a knee high sock, short shorts and some converse shoes...super cute!

9.  Men, you still have the unfortunate situation of having to wear pants to work.  No sense making it boring...spice it up with our fun patterns!

10.  The Sock Bar socks are totally customizable. Want a style or pattern?  We can design a unique pair just for you!  Contact us at info@sockbar.ca and we will walk you through it!

Visit our store today and know that socks continue to be a necessary staple in you wardrobe all year round.  Protect, style and pamper your feet.