About us

Our Story

Born out of the desire to change a necessary staple in Canadian folks’ closets into a stylish fashion statement with a twist, we created The Sock Bar. We offer a variety of novelty socks ranging from fun & bold patterns to a more "adults only feel".  Shop through our selections and make a "socking statement" to your wardrobe.  

Just like your local watering hole, we need to see some ID:P  We have an 18+ section on our website catering to a little more of your wild side. WARNING: Profanity, sexual innuendos and alcohol themed socks reside here. These socks are for Canadians who want a little more badassery to their sock style. Go ahead, smile secretly as your socks say what you are really thinking.  We won't tell (wink, wink).

Or perhaps you just want to move away from the boring white or black tube sock but want to keep it PG.  We also carry a wide variety of socks with playful patterns speaking to all personalities and fashionistas.

The Sock Bar chose to play to your alter egos with our selection of socks. You be the judge, whether it is for work or play, give your feet the “anything goes” style they deserve!


Why call it The Sock Bar?

We are a Canadian-owned, online boutique offering socks that speak to your personality. When selecting our name, we wanted it to match our style in a playful way. The Sock Bar embodies the fun and liveliness of our sock selections. As you navigate through our site, we did a play on words with common bar terms to give a unique spin to your sock shopping experience.  We hope you enjoy browsing through our socktail menus!


Our Promise

We know there are countless options out there when it comes to buying your socks. We set out to offer our customers a few simple promises:


We promise to make things as easy as possible from secure online payments to fast shipping anywhere in Canada. We will make buying our socks safe, quick and convenient. We accept all major credit cards.


We selected our “socktails” with our customers in mind. We seek to push the sock fashion with our colorfully worded adults only sock line and our more tame patterned socks. Impress your feet with wacky, unique, bar scene-centric, cool, humorous, outrageous and unconventional sock selections. We will be honest, we do not carry any white tube socks….we carry fashion statements for your feet!


Everyone on our team comes from a hospitality background. That means we aim to deliver the highest level of customer service every day to our valued customers. We also listen to you, so please let us know if we can make your sock buying experience more fashionable and memorable.

Truly Canadian: 

Ever try googling socks only to be frustrated that you can only buy them overseas or in the United States? Well look no further Canadian sock lovers! We are a Canadian sock connoisseur making it convenient for your beloved Canadian feet. We are also based out of Western Canada which we think is pretty cool.


We are fortunate to have friends, family and furry loved ones that have enriched our lives and have given us love and support. It is one of the reasons why we chose to donate 1% of sales to Second Chance Animal Rescue Society for every sock sold on an annual basis. Giving back and making a difference is important to us.