5 Tips to Keep your Feet Cozy in Winter

Well as much as the folks here at SockBar hate to admit it, but winter is coming:(

We thought we'd share some helpful tips on how to keep your feet warm this winter:

1. Pick the right socks. Look no further! SockBar has warm and cozy socks to keep those feet nice and toasty this winter.  They will also be in fashion.  Here are a few styles that will keep your feet feeling warm.  We say...just add alcohol!

2. Ok, not that we condone covering your cool socks, but we are also Canadian and know that when you need to go outdoors, wear the appropriate footwear.  That means boots that provide the outer layer of protection against moisture.  A nice furry boot never hurt anyone in our cool Canadian temperatures.

3. Wear warm insoles.

4. Stay active to activate your circulation. Go for a walk, do jumping jacks or maybe take in some hot yoga to keep those toes warm and boost your body temperature.  An added bonus is exercise also beats them winter blues.  Have some fun with it too.  Add some funky socks to your wardrobe that make you smile. 

5. Ensure you wear dry socks and boots.  Don't let that chill come in. Wet feet lead to cold feet. 

Whatever you do this winter, do it in style.  We have a fun selection of stylish socks to keep your heart warm and a spring in your steps.  Visit our website for more details.  www.sockbar.ca