Bioworld Merchandising - Our Superhero, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Line

The Sock Bar chose most of the socks in our store with adult content but we couldn't resist adding a line for the geeks at heart (aka for two of the owners in our biz).  We carry socks offered by Bioworld Merchandising.  They are currently our only Canadian wholesaler of socks in our online store.  

They offer trend-savvy sock designs of exclusive licensed and branded products such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Nintendo, Harry Potter, Pokemon and Star Wars.  Their socks are a great quality and come in a lot of fun patterns and designs. They are perfect for anyone who loves comics, fantasy, gaming or sci-fi.  The nice thing about their socks is that they come in both male and female styles.  The female socks come in ankle, crew and knee high styles which are sure to attract anyone's attention.  The men styles are also fun with stripe patterns, argyle patterns, caped-socks and dye-sub designs.  

The licensed and branded socks are a little more challenging to find in-store or online as you have to have the rights to carry these products.  The team at The Sock Bar felt it only fair to bring these brands to you easily and that is why we carry them as part of our sock offerings.  We know that our customers appreciate a bit of variety in their sock selection and who wouldn't want to transform into one of the characters featured on the socks?!?  Let your fantasies come to life (or in the bedroom) by powering up your wardrobe with these fun and playful socks!

We hope you enjoy the selection!  Keep coming back to our website as we add new socks often.  You will easily spot them on our website now as we added a green "new" flag to the products we just started to supplying.  This week we added The Flash socks and Batman signal socks from the Bioworld line up!  

We also welcome our customers to leave us feedback and suggestions of socks they would like to see us carry within our three brands of Bioworld Merchandising, Blue Q and K. Bell.  If our wholesalers supply them, we will work on getting them into our product offerings for you!

Happy Shopping Everyone!

Your Sock Bar Family