Corporate Give Away Idea - Mobile Phone Stands

Looking for an "on trend" corporate gift idea that is affordable? 

Get this customizable fun accessory for your phone. Acts as a grip, stand or wrap for your ear buds.  Add a single or pair to the back of your smartphone and transform its capabilities. "Pop" it whenever you need to hold your phone for that perfect selfie or turn into a one-handed texting machine.  A car mount is also included to place on your dashboard, mirror, frig or locker - it attaches to any surface you see fit.

The Sock Bar offers custom mobile phone stands with your logo on them.  They make a great customer, employee gift or corporate give away item. If you are not looking to order bulk items, we also do orders with photographs of your pets and family members. Just like our custom socks, we can add anything onto the surface of the mobile phone stand.

To order find this product on our custom product landing page:


You can also order in bulk quantities for resale to your valued customers.  Email us from our contact us page!