Fall Season is Sock Season

At The SockBar, September is one of our favorite months of the year. Why?  Because sock season is upon us.  As the cooler temperatures start to creep in, why not grab a fresh new pair of socks to keep you warm and cozy?

At The SockBar we have all the fun socks to adorn your feet to get you through the winter months. Enjoy our cheeky selections in our branded collection or make it extra special by producing one of a kind socks in our custom sock collection.  Our socks are sure to get you through the winter blues!  Go back to work or school in style.

We have several selections and styles to choose from for both men and women.  We also added a children's size sock to our custom sock offerings. Watch our store this fall as we add new branded selections for this upcoming holiday season.

Our socks not only keep your toes warm, they make excellent gifts as well.  The countdown to Christmas has officially started!  If you want to create custom socks for the loved ones on your list, start early!  Our custom socks are produced locally in Canada, but they still take time to produce. In our holiday season, it takes up to 5 business days for our designing elves to make the socks and depending on which part of Canada you live in, shipping is anywhere from 2 to 7 days.  Don't let the last minute holiday rush delay you in getting the perfect gifts for your family.

If you are wanting to have custom socks made, here are a few tips to ensure our design elves get it right:

1. Send a high resolution photo of the image you want on the sock.  We cannot design from pictures/screenshots of a photograph.

2. Ensure you send us a clear photograph.  We cannot make a blurry photo unblurry. We also cannot recreate body parts that were cut off in the original photo.

3. Ensure you take the photo in excellent lighting. Think natural lighting!  If your photograph is dark, the image printed on the sock will be 10 times darker (especially if you have a pet that has dark fur and dark eyes).  

4.  We are not photo editors, we are sock designers. The image you send us is the image we use.

5.  If you want more than one pet on your sock, please ensure you select it at check out. We will only produce the sock you ordered. If you did not add two pets to your request, we will only produce the sock with one.

As always, if you are not sure, send us an email before you order and our customer service team would be happy to assist you.  Happy shopping everyone!