Foot Hygiene Tips - How to keep the funk out of our funky socks.

Ok, let's be honest.  With the warm temperatures in the summer, we sometimes may get a bit of funk coming from our beloved feet at the end of the day. Gasp!  We don't want our hip and funky socks to start smelling funky too!  

Here are a few helpful tips to keep your feet smelling like roses:

1.  Check out those sexy feet.  You should take a visual check of your feet at least once a week.  You want to ensure you do not have symptoms of athlete's foot or a nail fungus.  Scaling of your skin between the toes may be a sign of athlete's foot and discoloration of your toenails is a sign of a nail fungus.  Take care of these right away! 

2. Keep those toenails trimmed.  This elevates any issues with ingrown toe nails. It is also a great excuse for the ladies to get a relaxing pedicure.  Oh, and we should mention is also assists in keeping your socks hole free:)

3.  Keep your feet clean and dry. Yes, like all parts of your body you should be scrubbing your feet while you are in the shower.  Keeping them clean and dry keeps the funk at bay.

4. Wear breathable footwear.  It lets the air within your foot to circulate warding off unwanted moisture and smell.


5.  Avoid bare feet in public areas. Seriously, that's just asking for trouble.  Ew!

6.  Wear socks!  Yep, we aren't just a fashion accessory!  Socks keep your feet dry and prevent the moisture being trapped in your feet leading to a fungal breeding ground. Thank goodness for The Sock Bar socks!

7.  Wear NEW socks!  Wearing old socks can actually trap old odors into the socks.  So we are here to tell you that it's OK to shop for new socks and change them out regularly.  I mean, The Sock Bar provides you with a lovely array of socks for the home, office or play. Imagine that!

The Sock Bar encourages you to wear the best socks for your feet, but you don't have to be boring doing so.  Enjoy the fun patterns, playful sayings and bold colors.  Make keeping your feet happy and healthy a whole lot more fun with our collections!  Who says foot hygiene has to be a funky subject?