It's Here! Our custom pet sock page is LIVE!

It's finally here! Our custom pet sock page is live on our website!  Now you can shop with ease and pick your favorite pet sock template to put on a sock!  What is even better, is that we are truly Canadian owned and operated.  Enjoy buying Canadian for Canadian pets and pet lovers!

Custom Pet Sock

Here's how it works:

1.Select one of our templates for cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, reptiles and more. We do all furry or feathered loved ones. Tell us your design thoughts in the description field if there is not a template that suits your pet.
2.Select a background type and color.
3.Tell us about your pet design. Would you like the full body or just the face?
4.We love designing multiple pets on one sock.
5.Tell us the name of your pet(s).
6.Upload your good quality pet photograph(s).
7.Select the Quantity.
8.Add to cart.

You may also add any special requests in the description field. The more detail you supply us, the better we are able to design the custom sock for you. All of our templates are customizable with any other. Just let us know!

If you would have an idea for a new design, let us know in the description field and we can turn your dog into a magical unicorn lying on a rainbow too!


Socks are pressed using high heat and pressure. Each sock is individually printed in Canada. Custom orders are non-refundable. Socks are unisex, appropriate for female sizes 6-9 and male sizes 7-10. Our socks are machine washable.

Photo Guide:

1. Send photos with high resolution in .jpg or .png format.
2. Send a photo that is well lit. Photograph your pet in natural light with minimal shadows. Images that are too dark will print as you have sent.
3. Please send a full image of your pet or pet's face. We cannot recreate cut off body parts.
4.Avoid sending photos that are blurry, too small, grainy or have items blocking the pet.

Here's some results...loved by our pets:

Custom Dog SockCustom Cat Sock

Custom Dog Sock

Reach out to us today to get your own designed custom pet socks!  They make the best gift ever!