K. Bell Socks

We gotta have those bevie patterned socks!

This week we want to give a huge shout out to K. Bell socks.  They are our second supplier of our adult sock line.  We specifically selected them because they have a wide variety of women and men patterned socks.  Ok truthfully, we selected them because they have a lot of patterns that involved beverages of the alcohol sorts:P

K. Bell socks have a reputation for great designs and quality socks.  They too, are made in the US and we felt it was only fair to bring these fun patterns to Canadians!  Again, did we mention that you can enjoy Canadian prices, fast shipping, FREE delivery, no customs, no US shipping/border holdup's bull crap, no US ship times that take forever....we take care of all it for you.  The only thing you have to worry about is which pair of socks you are going to wear first. Man, we are just so special, eh?

Most of their patterns are offered in both men and women styles so no need for our sock lovers to be jealous of one another!  They are also one of our suppliers of our knee high socks with fun styles such as Shark Attack, Lace Up Boots and Grumpy Cat.  We really fell in love with all of their patterns from all-over skulls, bacon, donuts, zombies, beer pong and so many more fun varieties that we can't possibly name them all!  They range in a variety of colors too so its always a party on your feet. 

K.Bell socks may not have the swears on them, but we love their free-spirited designs and the implied "adult fun" that are showcased on every sock we have of their line.  So spice up your wardrobe and have a bit a pep in your step when buying K. Bell socks from The Sock Bar!

You can check out all of our K. Bell patterns on our website at www.sockbar.ca

Be bold, be brave and be YOU!