Memes - why we love them!

The Sock Bar has embarked on creating their very own sock creations using popular memes and sayings that we all know and use...with a chuckle of course.  

What is a meme?

Well, good ol' Wikipedia defines a meme as a humorous image, video or piece of text that is copied and rapidly spread by its audience.

Memes are typically catchphrases, a word, a phrase or an intentional misspelling of a word or play on words.  They are often quite funny or playful and are spread through various channels of social media because there is often a relation people feel to the phrase.

Take for example one of our custom socktails, "I'm not convinced we've wasted enough time on this".  We selected this phrase and designed one of our socks around it because let's face, we've all been there...whether it is in a useless meeting that was called at work, a "cleaning project" at home or an argument that just keeps looping back to the same point, we've all been there and we've all thought "well that was a complete waste of my time!"  It is a phrase everyone can relate to with a smirk or smile.

Wasted Time!

We also dared to be a bit different with our sock phrases.  We scoured the competition to see if there was anything related to everyone's favorite subject...SEX!  And while there are some socks out there with swears, there is really no one out there daring enough to go a little r-rated with their socks.  So we thought, hey, why not?  We use memes that often have a sexual reference, print them on a sock with comedic imagery (non-offensive of course) and give our fans an opportunity to sport our clever designs.  We keep our designs playful and respectful, but when you read them, you definitely understand what we are referencing.  Our first edition of these designs include memes such as "going down?",  "deep throat?" and "fun bags".  We felt that these funny memes deserved a presence in the sock we are bringing them to you!

Deep Throat?

What is also special about us is that we invite you to be creative as well.  If there is a catchphrase, hashtag or meme that speaks to your personality and you wish to have it specially designed for you, we can do that!  Just visit our custom socktails page on our website to learn more.  The sky is really limit when it comes to designing your very own unique sock.  They make a great gift for anyone on your list!

Memes have become part of our culture.  A way to connect, communicate and add a little comedic relief to someone's day.  We try to do the same with all of our socks.  From our playful patterns like beer pong, tacos or showgirls to our memes about work, we want to bring a smile to your face and a hop in your step when you wear our socks.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  There is almost always an occasion to say what our socks say, you will find us posting them in all occasions or scenarios, that just seem to fit life.  So go ahead, have some fun with your feet!