New Year, New Socks!

One of our favorite things is shopping for new styles to add to our branded sock line up.  Blue Q never disappoints us!  They add so many fun and cheeky sayings onto their socks that we cannot resist in adding them to our product offering!  What better time to add new socks then at the start of a new year!  Happy shopping.  Here are a few sneak peaks to the socks we will be adding:

Men New Arrivals:

Selective Hearing Specialist: Doesn't everyone know someone who already has the ability to ignore those things they don't want to hear?  These are perfect socks for that man.  

Here comes cool Dad: Get these socks while they last.  They make the perfect Father's Day gift for that special dad in your life.  Who doesn't want to hear that they are cool?

Pick Up Truck Socks:  Whether you choose Dodge, Ford or GMC, these socks will enhance your manhood.

Women New Arrivals:

I'll behave...never: Sure, I'll behave. That will never happen. Don't even say it. Just point to these awesome socks. 

Heading to my next mistake:  Well, we've all been, two, three or countless times.  We eventually learn from our mistakes, right?!

My Dog is as Cool as Fuck: Finally it's here!  Blue Q finally brings this sock to life.  Not that I'm a cat person or anything, but we were there first!  So here is one for them dog lovers out there.

The folks at SockBar hasn't stopped there.  We are also redesigning our custom product page and will have more new and exciting additions to share with this side of our business as well. Stay tuned and Happy 2019 everyone!