Pet Photograph Do's and Don'ts

As one of the members on the custom pet sock design team, I want to ensure you receive the best results.  Each pair is hand designed, printed and pressed.  We care about the quality of our product so we want to ensure you send us the best photos for the best results!  We will crop the pet from the background, but we DO NOT make any edits to your photograph.  We do not want to risk changing the appearance of your animal, so please send us the best of the best of your photos!

Here are a few tips to ensure you are submitting the best photo of your pet or loved one:

1.  Where at all possible, photograph in natural light.  If you cannot take a photo of your pet or loved one outside, use the light from the window or pop the flash to get the best results. We will not adjust or edit the quality of light of the photo you send us.  This is especially an important tip if you have an all black animal.  Make sure it is captured in a bright enough light that you can see all of the animal's features.  If it is too dark it will end up printing a black blob vs. a black face.

2.  Avoid sending photos of your pet if there is distinct shadows on the pet's face.  It will darken the pet's fur upon print and the color may not be true to the color of your pet's fur.  The shadows will appear darken upon printing.

3. Double check the quality of your photo prior to sending it.  If it is blurry to you, it is blurry to us.  We can't fix blurry:)

4.  Avoid sending us photos of your pet from a distance.  Once the background is removed and placed in our design template, the image may be too small.  If we try to blow up the size of the image it will become distorted and grainy and not best for printing.

5.  If you request the pet's face or full body, please ensure the photograph you send has their full face or body.  We cannot recreate body parts or remove objects obstructing the face or body

6. Ensure nothing is obstructing your pet's face or body.  Once the background is cropped, that obstruction will still appear on your pet.  

7.  Avoid sending us photos where red eye or "green glow" in the eye is present.  Unfortunately, we cannot correct that.

8.  Please send us the original photo of your pet.  A screenshot from your computer or smartphone will result in a poor quality photo and it will be blurry and grainy on the sock.

9.  If you are sending multiple photos of the same pet, we will select the best and most clearest photo for the sock.

10.  A photograph using an smartphone or digital camera always yields the best result.