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Seven Reasons to be thankful for Pets
be thankful for pets
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Seven Reasons to be thankful for Pets

This Thanksgiving, we reflected for a moment on what we can be thankful for.  At The Sockbar, our hearts sing with gratitude whenever we receive our customers' photographs of the their pets. They are all so beautiful and you can see their personalities shine through every picture. Designing our custom pet products doesn't feel like work when you know you are sharing a wonderful gift with Canadian pet lovers!  To remind all your wonderful pet owners out there, here are seven reasons to be thankful of pets:

1. Pets make us smile and relieve stress.

2.  Pets love us unconditionally.

3.  Pets are great companions and fill the house with life and love.

4.  Pets teach us responsibility.  They truly need us to keep them fed, watered and active.

5.  Pets are great therapy.  They reduce anxiety, depression and loneliness.

6. Pets keep us healthy and encourage us to exercise, play and have fun.

7.  Pets are good for the ol' ticker.  They keep our heart healthy and full!

We'd be remiss in saying that at The SockBar, your pets truly keep us happy.  We love receiving your custom pet product orders and love hearing your feedback on our products.  Whether it is our custom pet socks, pop sockets, pillows and more, we love caring for your animals through our designs.  

This holiday season, share your love of pets with your family and friends.  Give the gift of love, joy and fulfillment by giving them one of our custom pet products! Find these on our custom pet sock page or accessory page at

Custom Pet Pillow

Custom Pet Card Holder 

Custom Dog Bandanas

Custom Pet Coin Pouches


Custom Pet Popsockets

Custom Pet Socks

Drop us an email, if you would like to learn more about our designs and templates!  

Happy Shopping & Be thankful for your furry friends!


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