Social Media Channels - Don't miss out on our deals, giveaway's and contests!

At The Sock Bar, there is no denying it, we love getting followed, liked and shared!  We are social media whores that way and we want to ensure you know how to find us so you can also reap the benefits!  

We post all of our deals, giveaway's and contests on our social media channels.  We are especially pleased to announce our first Instagram Followers deal this week.  When you follow us on Instagram, you will receive an automatic reply from us!  Yes, it may seem like no big deal, but guess what?  Inside that reply we are offering a special discount to our followers!  Well, now you might be saying, how do I find you on Instagram so I can find out what this awesome deal is?  Well, its simple!  Find our Instagram page at @sock_bar and enjoy a little bit of savings after your holiday shopping spree!

Next we've been running a little Like, Share & Win contest on Facebook.  We want to reach 250 likes on our page and when we do, boy oh boy, you and the friend you tagged will win a pair of our most sought after socks from Blue Q.  Again, well how may you find us on Facebook?  The answer is simple!  You can search us at @SockBar.  Like our page, tag a friend and win Blue Q socks that have a little bit of "sock" factor of YOUR CHOICE!

Finally, we are just in our infancy state of growing our Twitter feed.  You can find out about all our deals, new socks, and giveaway's as we tweet the day away.  Our Twitter page is @sock_bar

We are on all these social media platforms with one goal in mind...for you to like what we are selling and share it with your friends and family!  We use all of these channels daily to keep you up to date with the cool socks we carry and give you tips on what to pair them with or simply make your day with our off color comedy.  We just want to see you relate to us and our brand and make a socking statement!  

So here's what you gotta do right now.  Finish reading this blog (you are almost done), follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and boom, pow, will be coming your way on a regular basis.

Empower your feet with a little secret statement at The Sock Bar!