Sock Fashion Faux Pas - We're here to help!

Well, you may not have ever thought about it, but there are some do's and don'ts when it comes to this very necessary accessory in your wardrobe.  The Sock Bar is here to the rescue as we share the top four sock fashion faux pas!

1.  Socks with sandals. Um, just don't. Contrary to popular belief, socks with sandals is just not attractive.  Let's face it, if you are wearing a sandal, its not sock season worthy!  If you have cold feet, sandals shouldn't be your go to footwear of choice.  We wouldn't want you to be mistaken for those "snow birds" down in Phoenix, would we?!?  Sure, you may be inclined to show off our cool socks with your bare legs, but please don't put us to shame, grab some cool sneakers to go them!

Socks and Sandals - Faux pas #1


2.  White socks with dress pants.  Nothing draws more attention to an outfit gone wrong than those tighty whities on your feet!  When these babies peek out from your pant legs, OUCH! we need a pair of sunglasses!  Again, just don't!  White tube socks are reserved for the gym....that's it!  The Sock Bar carries a wonderful color palette of socks for any outfit.  Grab some of them from our website and your outfit is complete sex appeal from head and now toe!

White Socks - Faux Pas #2


3.  Misshapen, worn out, holey socks.  We know, everyone has that favorite piece of clothing that has been worn out cause its just so darn comfortable.  But let's get real here, socks just are that favorite piece (unless they are ones you bought from us).  When you get a hole in them, throw them out.  When they start falling down when they should be staying up, throw them out.  When black becomes grey because you washed them one too many times, throw them out!  We will take care of you, honest!  There is nothing like putting on a brand new pair of stylish socks from The Sock Bar!

Worn out socks - Faux Pas #3

4.  Matchy, Matchy = BORING!!  Despite what the traditional, boring, snoring fashion tips may say, matching socks to the color of your pants is tres boring.  Ok, it may not be a "true" faux pas, but I am here to challenge that conventional way of dressing yourself.  That's right, step out and be adventurous!  Wear some fun and colorful socks from The Sock Bar and push through wearing neutrals with neutral with neutrals!  They are just simply a snore.  Why not spice up a necessary item in your wardrobe and breathe new life into your swagger, your style and your outfit?  Let your feet stand out instead blend in! It truly does liven up a simple outfit.

 Matching everything - Faux Pas #4

At The Sock Bar, we got you covered!  We have patterns, colors, and fun-a-plenty socks for you to choose from.  Need any advice, just drop us a line on Facebook, Instagram or email us from our website.  We are always available to answer any questions and assist you in picking the perfect pair!  Go forth and be sock stylish!