Sock Feature: "My cat is as cool AF"

There are many reasons why cats make great pets.  We carry "my cat is as cool as fuck" sock by BlueQ.  Why?..because cats are cool!  They make awesome companions, fur babies and pets!  This sock in particular is the most popular sock we carry reaching record sales!  If you are a cat lover or owner, you really need to sport these babies.  I mean, look how cute they are?  It pairs nicely with our human and fur models!

My cat is as cool AF!

Pairing it with a cool sock from The Sock Bar isn't just the only reason! Here are 10 other reasons why cats make great pets:

1. Cats love to play.

2. Their purr rocks and also has very calming effects for the owners.

3. Um, they like to cuddle....who doesn't want cuddles?!?

4. They are litter box trained.  No picking up poop with a bag between your hand and well....(no offense dog lovers).

5. Cats don't need to be walked, they are good with being left at home alone for awhile.

6. Cats don't need you to bathe them...a brushing is always appreciated though!

7. Cats are just content little ittty babies.  They love being near you!

8. Cats can be trained too.

9. Two cats are better than one...

10.  Cats are as cool as fuck!

The owners at The Sock Bar are proud parents of cats and it is one of the reasons why we selected to donate 1% of our sales to Second Chance Animal Rescue Society. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility and we want to ensure every pet is loved, adored and cared for throughout their entire life.