Sock Height Style & Usage Guide

Ever wonder about the different lengths of socks and when to wear them?  With so many options out there, we want to share some style ideas for the many length of socks offered by The Sock Bar.

The Ankle Sock

This ankle sock is ideal for any sports lover.  The sock generally just stands a few inches over the ankle without adding additional heat to your legs when doing sports.  You still receive the foot protection inside the shoe without the extra bulk or constraint of material, thus making the ankle sock ideal for just about any sport.  

Don't worry ladies, we also know that this may be the preferred length of sock year round.  The ankle sock is the perfect solution to avoiding those dreaded cankles...The Sock Bar's ankle socks are so stylish and fun that they make a great accessory to any outfit.  

Ankle Sock

The Crew Sock

The crew sock is the most common length of sock.  It hits about mid-calf and most men prefer to adorn these babies.  They are ideal for suits, jeans and because our socks are so cool, we even encourage men to wear them with shorts!  You will want to show off The Sock Bar's bold patterns or sayings.  Our socks definitely will grab the attention of others and perhaps assist you at the bar as a conversation starter (wink, wink).

Crew Sock

The crew sock is also the first length we introduced in our custom socktails designed by The Sock Bar team.  We selected the crew for its versatility.  It also doubles as a great unisex option for our sock lovers out there.  

Custom Crew Sock

The Knee High Sock

The knee high sock generally peeks out of a tall boot.  It also look fricking fantastic with short shorts, mini skirts or worn over leggings.  It is one of the more fashionable trend setting socks in The Sock Bar collection that is sure to turn some heads.  They are also great for warmth in the winters and add protection to those luscious lady legs when wearing boots.

Knee High Sock

The Over the Knee Sock

The over the knee sock or thigh highs are also a nice addition to any fashion accessory.  Accentuate your legs with a set of beautiful over the knee or thigh high socks by The Sock Bar.  They are also great for dancers, performers, thigh boot wearers and those who enjoy a little role playing now and then.  

Thigh High Sock

With the wide selection of sock heights available at The Sock Bar, you can never go wrong!  Each of our socks are fun, bold and stylish.  They dress up an outfit, add some playfulness under your work clothes and attract conversation pieces anywhere they are sited.  We simply say, have fun with them.  Show them off as little or as much as you like and don't forget to take a selfie with them!