Sock History - When did it all begin?

The Sock Bar is no stranger to knowing that socks are a necessary staple in almost everyone's wardrobe, but did you ever wonder how it all began?  We were curious, so we thought we'd share with you a little piece of sock history in this week's blog.

Socks got their start because of cold feet!  No shock there, but can you believe that socks and stockings date back to the caveman days?  Back then animal fur and skin were used to tie around the feet to keep them warm.  In medieval times, socks were hand woven or sewn.  Once the knitting machine was invented in the 16th Century, socks were generally knit from wool of if you were upper class, you also enjoyed silk or cotton knit socks (well la te da).  Socks were generally hand or machine knit up to the 1800's.  It was only after the 1800's that machine knit socks became all the rage.  

Socks didn't just serve the function of keeping your feet warm, they also assisted in keeping your feet protected from perspiring and chafing in those shoes. Did you know that your feet are among the heaviest producers of sweat in the body?  No wonder socks came in handy at a very earlier point in time! 

Another fun fact is that women generally wore socks right up to the invention of pantyhose in the 1950s!  Whoa!  Men actually wore hose before women back in the day!  So many cool fact about socks, right?!?  Who knew. 

Fast forward to today....that's where The Sock Bar comes in!  Socks are not only a practical item in your wardrobe (especially in Canada), but they are also a fashion accessory.  Gone are the days of neutral socks that serve only the purpose of protecting your feet!  Socks can now be enjoyed in any color, pattern, style, length and of course tastefully designed custom socktails by The Sock Bar!  We too serve the purpose of keeping your warm and toasty but we do it with humor, style and a whole lot of fun.  All of our socks speak to the playful adult in you.  They are your hidden gem of fashion, they are the pep in your step, they are the socking statement that adorns your beautiful feet!

Help us continue to raise the bar in sock history by designing your own socks and tell a new story!  We will be sharing our first generation of custom designs later on this week!  In the meantime, start dreaming about all the wonderful socktails you can create and make a little history of your own!