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The sexy side to socks
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The sexy side to socks

We here at The Sock Bar want to tell you...all socks are sexy!  Sure, socks are a practical staple in your closet, but they also bring on a bit of sex appeal.  A girl in a short skirt with knee high or thigh socks - sexy.  A man in a white dress shirt and with a set of stylish socks - sexy.  Gents, don't even get us started on how sexy a awesome pair of patterned socks are peaking out from your suit is, yum!  Style, a well put together outfit and a little confidence always equals sexy.  


In all seriousness, socks help with sex!  Yes, I am here to tell you, take off your clothes, but keep them socks on.  Here are a few reasons why you should always have sex with your socks on:

1.  You are more relaxed. Wearing socks while making love actually improves men and women achieving an orgasm. No lie!  Universities have studied this!  One study showed an improvement from 50% to 80%.  Wowza!  Apparently cold feet is not sexy and it triggers a signal in your brain leaving you feel vulnerable and tense.  Wearing socks, keeps your feet nice and toasty so you can relax and enjoy.

2.  You won't be distracted by your cold feet.

3.  No still have some clothes on :)

4.  Socks are downright sexy.  Go ahead, drive your partner wild by walking in the room with just a pair of socks on.  

5.  Our socks are also great for a little bit of role play.  We have some fun superhero and villain socks that can put a little more fun in the bedroom routine.  It will surely spice up any number and grab the attention of your sci-fi, comic book loving dude or dudette.

6.  Once things get going, you now have something to tear off mid-sex.

7.  More sex = happiness = healthier life.  And who wouldn't want that!

So there you have it.  Socks just aren't sexy...they are orgasmic.  If you are curious about the research, check it out for yourself at



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