The Sock Bar Goes Custom - Whipping up our own socktails!

The Sock Bar is thrilled to announce that we've gone custom!  That's right, any socking statement you can think of, we can create into a custom "socktail" of your very own. When we set out to create The Sock Bar, we set out to be different and raise a few eyebrows along the way.  We know our content is for adults only...but let's face it, adulting is hard sometimes, what you wear on your feet doesn't have to be.  

Our socks empower you to be a little silly or show off your dark and twisted side and say what's really on your mind.  We not only spice up your wardrobe, we spice up your conversations. The beauty of our socks is that you can show as little or as much of the sayings as you like; paired with some cool patterns that "peek" out from time to time, our custom socktails are sure to give you a leg up in style and sock fashion.

The Sock Bar's custom socktails often feature a play on words, popular memes and first ever in sock can find socks about SEX, sexual positions, sexual innuendos, comedic sex sayings...all for the fun adult in you!

How do we make our socks you might ask?  Well that's top secret!  Lol, just kidding. We use the latest technology in design and dye sublimation.  We selected hand-made, high quality unisex socks for our socktails and then whammo...The Sock Bar customs are born.  Ok, now that's all I am permitted to tell you.

Here is our first custom design for your viewing pleasure...FUN BAGS (get it)!

  The Sock Bar - Custom Sock Take 1

How do you get your hands (or feet) on these custom socktails that you created? Simple, once again!  Go to the "custom" page on our website, select all the designs you like, add to cart, purchase, wear and share!  We will release new designs regularly.  We also will be giving our loyal customers a chance to win a pair of our custom socktail of the month.  All you have to do is take a photo of your socks in action and tag us in your post!  One lucky person will be drawn each month to win one of our new edgy designs.  Did we mention that these designs are unique to The Sock Bar?  That's right!  You will be the envy of all envy wearing socktails that can only be found on our website!

But Sock Bar, I have a really cool sock idea and it's not on your website!  Never fear...we aim to please!  Send us an email with your design idea and presto your very own sock is born!  We will charge a flat design fee of $10.00 per sock design.  From your favorite saying, pick up line, motto, meme or one of those comical e-card sayings, we can assist you in concocting your very own socks!  We can also create team socks for any adult sport league or for a special occasion like a bachelorette party, birthday or ugly Christmas sock exchange.  The sky is the limit...or perhaps your evil mind is?!?

We offer you a different venue and style for your sock collection.  Sure, we could be like all those other online sock companies, but that's just not us.  Why saturate a market with the same pattern socks you can google and buy virtually anywhere when you can have unique, fun, creative and bold socks from us?  So what are you waiting for, reach us and start designing your own unique socks that no one else will have unless you want them to!  Happy creating!


 Your Sock Bar Custom Sock Awaits!