This Meeting is Bullshit Socks

This meeting is bullshit is another favorite amongst our sock shopping fans!  I mean, we've all been there, that one meeting that seems to go on forever, is poorly planned and that one guy who just keeps asking stupid questions.  All I hear is wa wa wa wa.....

The nice thing about this sock is that it is available for both our men's and ladies fans.  So much fun for everyone!  Now, you can secretly smirk to yourself in that meeting when wearing these stylish pattern socks!

Women's shoe size 5-10. 69% combed cotton; 30% nylon; 1% spandex.

Men's shoe size 7-12. 71% combed cotton; 27% nylon; 2% spandex.

Sassy phrasing on sassy work socks.  What more could you ask for! Check them out in our Bar Collection at