Uptown Sox - Our Canadian Sock Supplier

We are pleased to announce our newest sock partnership with Uptown Socks from none other than our the best country in the world...CANADA!  We will be featuring their socks in our online store this week.  Their men's styles will be featured first and we will add their women styles in October!

Here is a little more about them:


For too long, men have been trapped within the oppressive institution of conventionally approved socks.  As a man, you had the illusion of choice – black for work, white for sports, and grey when you mixed up your laundry. 

The Uptown Sox partners have dedicated themselves to the dismissal ordinary fashion.  Our fun and colorful novelty socks will bring excitement to your wardrobe and your life as you take to the streets with a cry of “NO BORING SOCKS!”

We at The SockBar are so pleased to offer our customers a Canadian brand with Canadian style.  They've got some great Christmas pairings as well.  Check out these and many more to hit our store this week!

Canadian Love

Speedeau Unicorn

Chuck the Canuck

Poutine Eh!

Classic Jurassic 

It's the most wonderful time for a beer.

Sugar Shack Bacon