What does make a socking statement mean?

Make a socking statement is our mantra!  When selecting the socks for our collection, we wanted our socks to speak for themselves, make a fashion statement and add a little of the unexpected to your wardrobe.  

Let's face it, in Canada you rarely get away without having to wear socks at some point throughout the season changes...but that doesn't mean this very necessary staple in your wardrobe has to be boring!  Our socks are a fashion forward accessory to your work or play outfits!  Gone are the days of matchy matchy socks, classic black or white tube socks. We are here to challenge you to switch it up and make a statement with your socks.

Now, some may say, but I can't wear these socks to work.  We are here to challenge your thinking and say, why the hell not?  They look awesome with suits, jeans, shorts, leggings or skirts! When our socks peek out of your pant leg, your co-workers will know you mean business!  Our socks come in fun patterns, bold statements, colorful designs and they are just plain ol' fun.  Why be boring when you can stylish? 

Make a socking statement!

We know that our socks may push the limits of some when it comes to the swears, we get it.  Most of the socks with the more "socking" statements would be hidden by any pant....they can be your little secret while at work and free that statement when at play. 

Some may ask, why don't you have any polka dots, stripes or argyle patterns?  They are bold too.  Well, to be honest, that is just not us.  Don't get us wrong, we like those colorful socks too, but we don't want to be like all those other sock guys.  We want to be different with our playful patterns and feel that is what sets our socks a part from others.  We want to make you smile when you wear our socks, we want you to show them off and we want them to be a conversation piece.  We wanted to be the 18+ sock supplier for Canadians- it is what makes our socks different and hopefully has you coming back for more.  

So go ahead, be different, show your personality with a socking statement from The Sock Bar!  Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as we go custom ourselves and share our twisted minds on our very own sock designs!