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Why socks make a great gift.
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Why socks make a great gift.

With cooler temperatures and the first snowfall in Alberta, people have already started to put their thinking caps on for Christmas Shopping 2019!  It is hard to believe it will be here in less than 85 days from this post.

The SockBar offers a unique gift option for anyone on your list.  Why are we so special?  Well, we custom make socks for your loved ones.  We can put a good quality photograph and piece of your children's art a unique graphic or logo and design a sock unique to the recipient of the socks.  We also have coin purses, pillow cases, wallet cards and mobile phone stands!

So we're here to make your shopping easier.  Here are the top 5 reasons why our socks make an awesome gift:

1. Socks keep your feet warm and cozy.  Our socks have a cotton base to keep your feet warm and dry!

2. Socks don't break the bank account. All of our socks are $25 or under.

3.  Socks are an easy fit.  You don't have to know what size to get.  All of our socks are unisex.

4. Socks land in the neutral zone of fashion.  They aren't too risky, they aren't a trend.  They are an everyday accessory to your wardrobe.

5. Our socks say it all.  They are unique, they are produced in Canada, they are designed to your liking, they are of your family, friends, pets and loved ones!  We also sell some pretty cool and colorful branded socks that add a punch, kick and jazz to any outfit.

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